Tips For Prepping Your Home For Winter

Autumn in Vancouver brings beautiful colours as well as cooler temperatures.  Now is the time to ready your home the winter.

Check for drafts around all doors, windows, electrical switches and outlets, and fireplaces.   Replacing worn out and damaged weatherstripping and caulking is relatively simple, fairly inexpensive and can help save on your heating costs.  Electrical switches and outlets can be insulated with foam insulators.  Close the damper on fireplaces which are not being used.

Dirty furnace filters prevent your furnace from running efficiently.  Ideally, furnace filters should be changed every 3 months.

Our beautiful city of Vancouver benefits greatly from the rain!  We can be prepared for the rainy season by checking our gutters and exterior drains.  A clean and well maintained gutter will do the job of keeping water out of your home.  Clear leaves and debris from drain grates to prevent clogged drains.