Ready window screens for the warm weather!

Now is the time to repair damaged window screens!

Believe it or not, summer will soon be upon us and with the warmer weather, comes mosquitoes and flies.

Small holes – 1/4″ to 3/8″ can be patched with a small amount of glue.  Larger holes may require replacing the screening material.

Replacing screening in metal frames requires few tools and a little bit of patience.

Without kinking the metal frame, remove the spline (cord-like material) that hold the old screen in place.  Check to see if new a spline is needed.

Use a square to make sure the frame is still in decent shape.  Reshape it if possible, otherwise, replace with new window screen bars, various lengths are available.

Position the screen material so that the edge lines up with the outside of the top and one side of frame.

Next, using a spline roller, push the screening material and spline into the channel of the frame. Do not try to manually pull the screening material taut as this will warp the frame.  Use short strokes for the best results.

With a sharp utility knife, cut the screening to fit the two remaining sides, using the outside edge of the frame as a guide.  Use the spline tool to roll the remaining sides. Remember to avoid manually pulling the screening, it will tighten as the spline is pushed into the channel.  Cut off any excess screening around all four sides.

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